La Spinetta Winey Visit (Barbaresco)

I have been planning an experience of a lifetime, a visit to the Piedmonte region for the white truffle festival and touring the wine regions Barolo and Barbaresco.


I traveled with a friend of mine from Holland, Jiska, and made it into a girls long weekend. Jiska and I first met in Waterloo, Ontario when her and her family lived there for 1.5 years. We quickly found out we had the same interests in food, wine and travel.  Our first stop was at La Spinetta winery, located in the Barbaresco region, thirsty to discover more about the Nebbiolo grape!


I discovered La Spinetta at a restaurant in Vancouver and loved the quality and the packaging. The label shows a sketch of a rhinoceros done by a German artist, Albrecht Dürer, in the 1500’s. This sketch was done without Dürer ever seeing the rhino in real life and was sketched from a description of its sighting in Lisbon, Portugal in 1515.


La Spinetta started as a Moscato D’Asti producer which still counts for 40% of its current production. The winery is now in its 3rd generation and over the past 30 years the family has embraced change and innovation. They have purchased vineyards in multiple regions, producing whites and reds in Piedmonte and Tuscany.

IMG_20151016_163634I included a photo of Nebbiolo in the glass. It shows its textbook brick/orange colour around the rim.

We were treated to sampling from their large portfolio: Vermentino (Tuscany), Barbara D’Alba ’11 (Ca’ di Pain, Gallina), Barbaresco ’11 (Vigneto Bordini, Gallina), Vigneto Campe’ ’05 Barolo and Vigneto Garretti ’05 Barolo.



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